HumCommerce Features

Everything You Need To Boost Conversions On Your Ecommerce Store

Conversion Funnels

Find Store Leaks – the exact pages where people exit your ecommerce store.

Set up goals & funnels to understand what parts of your funnel block conversion.

Website Heatmaps

Visualize interactions – to learn what makes people click, tap or scroll.

Understand what distracts buyers from buying, improve conversions and boost sales on your store.

Visitor Recordings

Peek inside the buyers mind – See exactly what buyers see on your store and how they interact with it using visitors’ session recordings.

Eliminate guess work by seeing video recordings of clicks, taps, scrolls and mouse movements.

A/B Testing

Find winners – Run tests on your store pages to learn what works best for your audience.

Optimize product, category and checkout pages for conversion by running A/B or even multi-variate tests.

Ecommerce Analytics

Get amazing insights – by looking into visitor demographics, products they like to purchase, and categories they like to purchase from.

Learn which product pages need work & which you need to stock up.

Form Analytics

Boost conversions – by improving checkout form conversions. 

See which form fields your visitors drop off . Test & boost form completion rate by adding or removing form fields.